PFStmo :: ashikhmin02


A Tone Mapping Algorithm for High Contrast Images
M. Ashikhmin
In the 13th Eurographics Workshop on Rendering, 2002

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Tone mapping of HDR images

Stanford Memorial Church
HDR image courtesy of Paul Debevec

Command line to generate this result:
$ pfsin memorial.hdr | pfstmo_ashikhmin02 -l 0.7 | \
  pfsgamma -g 2.2 | pfsout memorial_ashikhmin02.png
Source: memorial.hdr
Result: memorial_ashikhmin02.png

Tone mapping of HDR video

Tunnel in Saarbruecken
Grzegorz Krawczyk © 2004

Command line to generate this result:
$ pfsinexr sb%04d.exr | pfstmo_ashikhmin02 -l 0.3 | \
  pfsoutffmpeg -qscale 4 -s 320x240 sbtour_ashikhmin02.avi
Result: sbtour_ashikhmin02.avi


The implementation of this algorithm is a part of pfstmo package and is available for download with complete source code. All comments and suggestions are welcome.

This implementation has been provided by Akiko Yoshida (yoshida [at]

Please report bugs and comments to Grzegorz Krawczyk (krawczyk [at] or to Akiko Yoshida (yoshida [at]

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