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AMIE: Association Rule Mining under Incomplete Evidence in Ontological Knowledge Bases

Rules with constants mined from YAGO2

The following table includes some rules with constants mined by AMIE on YAGO2. Since the system found a total of 18K rules, we have chosen some of the interesting ones. For further details, please refer to the list of all rules mined on YAGO2.

RuleStd. ConfidencePCA Confidence
?a <playsFor> <Port_Vale_F.C.> => ?a <playsFor> <Stoke_City_F.C.>7.76%7.76%
?a <hasMusicalRole> <wordnet_piano_103928116> => ?a <hasMusicalRole> <wordnet_harmonica_103494278>8.50%8.50%
?a <hasMusicalRole> <wordnet_guitar_103467517> => ?a <hasMusicalRole> <wordnet_bass_guitar_102804123>8.58%8.58%
?a <hasMusicalRole> <wordnet_guitar_103467517> => ?a <hasMusicalRole> <wordnet_harmonica_103494278>8.24%8.24%
?a <hasMusicalRole> <wordnet_piano_103928116> => ?a <hasMusicalRole> <wordnet_vocal_music_107282006>9.78%9.78%
?a <hasWonPrize> <Knight's_Cross_of_the_Iron_Cross> => ?a <hasWonPrize> <Iron_Cross>20.39%20.39%
?a <hasMusicalRole> <wordnet_guitar_103467517> => ?a <hasMusicalRole> <wordnet_vocal_music_107282006>9.30%9.30%
?a <hasWonPrize> <Legion_of_Merit> => ?a <hasWonPrize> <Bronze_Star_Medal>36.63%36.63%
?a <hasMusicalRole> <wordnet_guitar_103467517> => ?a <hasMusicalRole> <wordnet_bass_guitar_102804123>8.58%8.58%
?a <hasWonPrize> <Grammy_Award> => ?a <hasMusicalRole> <wordnet_piano_103928116>6.60%38.28%
?a <hasWonPrize> <Medal_of_Honor> => ?a <hasWonPrize> <Purple_Heart>25.43%25.43%
?a <hasMusicalRole> <wordnet_guitar_103467517> => ?a <hasMusicalRole> <wordnet_piano_103928116>22.71%22.71%
?a <hasWonPrize> <Grammy_Award> => ?a <hasMusicalRole> <wordnet_guitar_103467517>9.01%52.23%
?a <wasBornIn> <London> => ?a <isCitizenOf> <United_Kingdom>10.48%75.45%
<United_Kingdom> <participatedIn> ?b => <United_States> <participatedIn> ?b30.84%30.84%
?a <imports> <wordnet_chemical_114806838> => ?a <hasOfficialLanguage> <English_language>21.74%26.32%
?a <hasCurrency> <United_States_dollar> => ?a <hasOfficialLanguage> <English_language>45.45%83.33%
?a <hasOfficialLanguage> <Hindi> => ?a <hasOfficialLanguage> <English_language>28.21%28.21%

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