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AMIE: Association Rule Mining under Incomplete Evidence in Ontological Knowledge Bases

Rules mined from YAGO2 sample

The table shows the top 30 rules mined by AMIE on a 47K facts sample of YAGO2 ranked by PCA confidence with a support threshold of 2 facts. It means rules involving less than 2 bindings for the head variables were pruned out (and therefore not used for further refinement). They do not contain constants. For further details, please refer to the list of all rules mined on the YAGO2 sample.

RuleStd. ConfidencePCA Confidence
?a <isKnownFor> ?b => ?a <created> ?b3.01%100.00%
?a <created> ?b => ?a <isKnownFor> ?b0.08%100.00%
?a <isLeaderOf> ?b ?a <wasBornIn> ?b => ?a <livesIn> ?b40.00%100.00%
?a <wasBornIn> ?b ?a <diedIn> ?b => ?a <livesIn> ?b4.62%100.00%
?a <worksAt> ?f ?f <isLocatedIn> ?b => ?a <livesIn> ?b40.00%100.00%
?a <hasAcademicAdvisor> ?f ?f <livesIn> ?b => ?a <livesIn> ?b25.00%100.00%
?e <hasAcademicAdvisor> ?a ?e <livesIn> ?b => ?a <livesIn> ?b16.67%100.00%
?a <livesIn> ?f ?f <isLocatedIn> ?b => ?a <isPoliticianOf> ?b6.83%100.00%
?a <hasChild> ?f ?f <isCitizenOf> ?b => ?a <isCitizenOf> ?b14.29%100.00%
?e <hasChild> ?a ?e <isCitizenOf> ?b => ?a <isCitizenOf> ?b10.00%100.00%
?e <livesIn> ?a ?e <isPoliticianOf> ?b => ?a <isLocatedIn> ?b71.43%100.00%
?a <isLocatedIn> ?f ?f <hasOfficialLanguage> ?b => ?a <hasOfficialLanguage> ?b0.08%100.00%
?e <hasChild> ?b ?a <created> ?e => ?a <created> ?b22.22%100.00%
?a <hasChild> ?b ?b <isMarriedTo> ?a => ?a <isMarriedTo> ?b80.00%100.00%
?a <actedIn> ?b ?a <created> ?b => ?a <produced> ?b27.78%95.24%
?a <actedIn> ?b ?a <directed> ?b => ?a <created> ?b33.33%95.24%
?a <directed> ?b => ?a <created> ?b23.69%92.50%
?a <produced> ?b ?a <directed> ?b => ?a <created> ?b56.06%92.50%
?a <produced> ?b ?a <created> ?b => ?a <directed> ?b44.05%92.50%
?a <actedIn> ?b ?a <directed> ?b => ?a <produced> ?b20.00%92.31%
?b <isMarriedTo> ?a => ?a <isMarriedTo> ?b58.31%91.96%
?a <hasChild> ?b ?b <hasChild> ?a => ?a <isMarriedTo> ?b78.57%91.67%
?a <produced> ?b ?a <actedIn> ?b => ?a <created> ?b33.33%90.91%
?a <created> ?b ?a <directed> ?b => ?a <produced> ?b16.67%90.24%
?b <hasChild> ?a ?b <isMarriedTo> ?a => ?a <isMarriedTo> ?b53.33%88.89%
?a <created> ?b => ?a <directed> ?b2.29%88.10%
?a <actedIn> ?b ?a <created> ?b => ?a <directed> ?b27.78%86.96%
?a <produced> ?b ?a <actedIn> ?b => ?a <directed> ?b20.00%85.71%
?a <diedIn> ?f ?f <isLocatedIn> ?b => ?a <isPoliticianOf> ?b2.60%84.62%
?e <diedIn> ?a ?e <isPoliticianOf> ?b => ?a <isLocatedIn> ?b68.75%84.62%

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