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NAGA: Searching and Ranking Knowledge

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A query has the form

E1 R1 E2
E3 R2 E4

where the Ei's are entities (e.g. Albert_Einstein) or variables (e.g. $x) and the Rj's are relations (e.g. bornOnDate) or variables (e.g. $y). The following relations are allowed:

isCalled, type, subClassOf, domain, range, subPropertyOf, familyNameOf, givenNameOf, describes, establishedOnDate, hasWonPrize, writtenInYear, locatedIn, politicianOf, sameYear, isCitizenOf, isMereonymOf, isMemberOf, isSubstanceOf, isPartOf, foundIn, discovered, discoveredOnDate, bornOnDate, bornIn, originatesFrom, diedOnDate, diedIn, isNativeNameOf, isLeaderOf, hasArea, hasPopulation, hasPopulationDensity, hasUTCOffset, hasWebsite, isNumber, hasPredecessor, hasSuccessor, isMarriedTo, isAffiliatedTo, influences, directed, produced, edited, actedIn, publishedOnDate, hasDuration, hasProductionLanguage, hasBudget, hasImdb, producedIn, hasChild, hasMotto, hasOfficialLanguage, hasCapital, hasWaterPart, hasGDPPPP, hasNominalGDP, hasHDI, hasGini, hasCurrency, inTimeZone, hasTLD, hasCallingCode, wrote, madeCoverFor, isOfGenre, published, hasPages, hasISBN, joined, livesIn, hasHeight, hasWeight, isSpokenIn, created, createdOnDate, interestedIn, hasEconomicGrowth, hasInflation, hasPoverty, hasLabor, hasUnemployment, hasExport, exports, hasImport, imports, dealsWith, hasRevenue, hasExpenses, hasMilitary, hasNumberOfPeople, usesGDP, worksAt, graduatedFrom, hasAcademicAdvisor, happenedOnDate, happenedIn, participatedIn, musicalRole, hasProduct, connect, isa, sameYear.

The R's can also be regular expressions over these relations. Both the relations and the entities can be variables (starting with $). The two relations connect and isa are pseudo-relations that only work infix in a plain line. You may also click on the results to browse through the ontological information.

Example queries

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If you encounter a problem with NAGA, if you have a suggestion or a question, send a mail to Gjergji Kasneci.