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Inside YAGO2s: A Transparent Information Extraction Architecture


YAGO is one of the largest public ontologies constructed by information extraction.In a recent refactoring called YAGO2s, the system has been given a modular and completely transparent architecture. In this demo, users can see how more than 30 individual modules of YAGO work in parallel to extract facts, check facts for their correctness, deduce facts, and merge facts from different sources. A GUI allows users to play with different input files, trace the provenance of individual facts to their sources, to change deduction rules, and to run individual extractors. Users can see step by step how the extractors work together to combine the individual facts to the coherent whole of the YAGO ontology.

YAGO Home Page

The Architecture of YAGO2s

The dependency graph of the YAGO2s modules.

Video Demo

Watch the video demo showing the functionalities of YAGO2s.

Further Information

The new architecture has been published as a demo at the WWW 2013 conference, see publications for details.

YAGO2s is part of the YAGO-NAGA project at the Max Planck Institute for Informatics in Saarbrücken/Germany. It is maintained jointly by the Databases and Information Systems Group and the Ontologies Group. Please find more information about YAGO on the homepage of the project.