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Wednesday, December 11 Thursday, December 12 Friday, December 13
9:00 Registration and Opening H. Hong
Overview on Real Quantifier Elimination

Invited Talk
D. Monniaux
Proving and Inferring Invariants

Invited Talk
9:40 Z. Xu
Learning through Deterministic Assignment of Hidden Parameters

Invited Talk
10:15 R. Fukasaku, S. Inoue, Y. Sato
On QE Algorithms over algebraically closed fields
P. Baumgartner, U. Waldmann
Hierarchic Superposition: Completeness without Compactness
10:55 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
11:20 B. Alharbi, X. Zhang
Representation Learning in Text Mining: A Systematic Review
M. Košta
SMT-Based Compiler Support for Memory Access Optimization for Data-Parallel Languages
T. Gan, L. Dai, B. Xia
Barrier Certificate Generation for Safety Verification of Hybrid Systems for a Given Period of Time
12:00 C. Zhou, P. Zhang
Efficient Influence Maximization in Social Networks
C. Chen, M. Moreno Maza
Computing the Supremum of the Real Roots of a Parametric Univariate Polynomial
M. Suda
Variable and clause elimination for LTL satisfiability checking
12:40 Lunch Lunch Lunch
14:30 S.-W. Kim
Link-Based Similarity Measures in Scientific Literature Data: Methods, Performance, and Applications

Invited Track Talk
J. C. Blanchette
Isabelle/HOL—Interaction and Automation

Invited Track Talk
C. Sorge
The Interplay between Privacy, Cryptography and Law

Invited Track Talk
15:30 J. Blömer, P. Günther, V. Krummel
Securing Critical Unattended System with Identity Based Cryptography—A Case Study
C. Mou, W. Niu
Reconstructing Chemical Reaction Networks by Solving Boolean Polynomial Systems
L. Cheikhrouhou, W. Stephan, M. Ullmann
A New Approach to the Inductive Verification of Cryptographic Protocols Based on Message Algebras
16:10 Coffee Break Coffee Break Closing
16:30 A. He, J. Wu, J. Wang, S. Yang
Approximate Equivalence of the Hybrid Automata with Taylor Theory

Informal Communication
W. Hagemann
Efficient Geometric Operations on Polyhedra
17:10 M. Lamotte-Schubert, C. Weidenbach
BDI: A New Decidable First-order Clause Class
Presented by U. Waldmann
18:00 Dinner Dinner Dinner

MACIS 2013