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The Discrete Optimization Group offers the following bachelor/master theses or research immersion labs

Kind Title Student Advisors


MT Biclique Partition with Application to Display Optimization [pdf] Davis Issac
MT Studying Practical Impact of Recent Network Flow Algorithms for SAR-Phase Unwrapping [pdf] Ruben Becker
BT Wrapping semidefinite programs in ILP solvers - implementation and experiments [pdf] Maximilian John
BT Defining/extending a markup language for integer linear programs [pdf] Maximilian John

In Progress

BT Defining a markup language for integer linear programs [pdf] Sören Bund-Becker Maximilian John

Completed (since 2014)

MT ScheduleMe Personal Assistant Md Salahuddin Pasha Andreas Karrenbauer
MT A Novel SDP Relaxation for the Quadratic Assignment Problem Using Cut Pseudo Bases Maximilian John Andreas Karrenbauer
BT Optimized track layout Paul Manderscheid Andreas Karrenbauer
BT Schichtplanung - ein mathematischer Ansatz Matthias Manderscheid Andreas Karrenbauer
BT Redundancy Reduction for JPEG Files Janine Schmitt Andreas Karrenbauer
MT Implementation and Experimental Evaluation of a Combinatorial Min-Cost Flow Algorithm Adithya Vadapalli Andreas Karrenbauer
MT Approximating the minimum biclique cover problem on bipartite graphs Sandy Hedydrich Andreas Karrenbauer
MT A Simple Efficient Interior Point Method for Min-Cost Flow Ruben Becker Andreas Karrenbauer