Modeling Luminance Perception at Absolute Threshold

Petr Kellnhofer1 Tobias Ritschel1,2 Karol Myszkowski1 Elmar Eisemann3 Hans-Peter Seidel1
1MPI Informatik 2Saarland University 3Delft University of Technology

Proceedings of Eurographics Symposium on Rendering 2015, Darmstadt, 24-26th June 2015

Inverse CDF lookup tables

Here we provide lookup tables that we used to sample probability distributions on the GPU. We loaded provided table values as textures and used texture sampling in OpenGL shader to read them in real time.

Each inverse cumulative distribution function (ICDF) contains matrix of values separated by spaces and stored as a text file. First row contains number of rows and columns. Following lines each contain one row of a matrix. Each row corresponds to one ICDF of distribution with certain parameters (see lower). The columns uniformly sample percentiles of respective CDF and should be accessed using uniform random variable to achieve sampling of original probability distribution function (pdf). Each value is a value for given percentile of CDF.