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Specialized Course "Query Optimization"

Lecturer: Dr. Thomas Neumann


Query optimization is addressed shortly in Database Systems, this lecture looks at a broader topic of optimization techniques. It concentrates on the central issues like join ordering and access path selections, but givens an overview of the whole query processing machinery. The main goals of the lecture are twofold: First, to learn different optimization techniques, which are also relevant in other areas. And second, to get an understanding how queries are processed and why queries are fast or slow.


Students planning to attend the course should have some basic knowledge about information systems in general (successful participation in one of the courses Information Systems or Database Systems or Information Retrieval will be fine) and should be able to write simple programs in Java.




Working on the exercises in a group is allowed. In this case submit one solution with all names on it. The groups can be of up to 3 people. The exercises have to be submitted in the beginning of each lecture or electronically per e-mail. However, all exercises have to be submitted with respect to the specified submission date. Late submissions will be discarded.



Date: 2009-06-22/23/24 Duration: 20 min Room: 433 Building E1.4

2009-06-22 2009-06-23 2009-06-24
10:00Erdal KuzeyChristina Teflioudi
10:25Xiaoqi CaoYagiz Kargin
10:50Baris OztopKondreddi Sarath Kumar
11:15Schuh StefanMaik Freis
11:40Sergej Isak-GeidelTimm Meiser
12:05Erik FalkAleksandra Pochron
14:00Ioannis GiannopoulosShaik Ajaz Basha
14:25Sathess ThirunavukkarasuStefan Richter
14:50Jörg SchadMohamed Yahya
15:15Stefan HeinzOliver Dejon
15:40Florian GroßThomas Gard
16:05Dogan KaraoglanDavid Philippi
16:30Ilona KomorChristian Fechner