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This page contains a collection of benchmark instances for the Uncapacitated Facility Location Problem (UFLP), also known as Simple Plant Location Problem (SPLP) or the (Uncapacitated) Warehouse Location Problem.

In the UFLP, there are a number of m cities/customers and n potential facility locations. With each location we associate a nonnegative opening cost fi. Between each facility i and each city j there is a nonnegative connection or service cost cij. The task is to connect each city to exactly one opened facility such that the sum of all costs is minimized.

This problem has been studied intensively, and here a collection of standard benchmark problems can be accessed. Furthermore sources and binaries of benchmark generators for different operating systems and code for several solution algorithms are available.
If you find any errors or like to comment on this page, or if you have additional benchmarks or code material, please write an e-mail to Martin Hoefer.