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Seminar: Parallel Visual Computing

Seminar: Parallel Visual Computing (Winter Semester 2012/2013)

Ivo Ihrke     Tobias Ritschel     Mario Fritz


This seminar covers the hands-on use of parallel hardware (GPUs) for visual computing, i.e.,

The target audience are students in computer science or related fields. Good C++ programming skills, basic knowledge about 3D geometry, image processing, and computer graphics are required. This seminar will be based on hands-on parallel programming:

Tentative schedule:

25.10.2012LectureSingle-instruction, multiple-data (SIMD)Ivo Ihrke
01.11.2012AssignmentBasic image filtering (C++, SSE intrinsics)Ivo Ihrke
08.11.2012LectureMulti-core (CPU)Mario Fritz
15.11.2012AssignmentScale-space and interest points (C++, OpenMP)Mario Fritz
22.11.2012LectureOpenGL, Framework, Shader (GPU)Tobias Ritschel
29.11.2012AssignmentTiming, Joint bilateral Upsampling (C++, GLSL)Tobias Ritschel
06.12.2012LecturePrefix scan, Scattering (GPU)Tobias Ritschel
13.12.2012AssignmentHistograms, Voronoi, HistoPyramids (C++, GLSL)Tobias Ritschel
20.12.2012LectureFine-grained parallelism, variational optical flow (GPU/CUDA)Ivo Ihrke
10.01.2013AssignmentPDE solving, hierarchical Horn & Schunck optical flow (C++, CUDA)Ivo Ihrke
17.01.2013LectureGPU vision applications: ClassifiersMario Fritz
24.01.2013AssignmentHistogram of Gradients-detecor (C++, CUDA)Mario Fritz

The seminar language is English.

The number of people is limited to 8 (eight) particpants. If their are more than 8 registrations, we select the participants on the first date (18. October).

Time: Thursday, 14:00-16:00
First seminar: Thursday, Octobre 18, 2012
Room: Building E1.7 (Cluster building), Room 0.01
Registration: Please subscribe to this seminar by sending an email with your 1.) name, 2.) matriculation number, 3.) current semester, 4.) study (CS or VC?) and 4.) email address to Ivo Ihrke.
HISPOS: Course No. 67344

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