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Uses of SQLType in javatools.database

Subclasses of SQLType in javatools.database
static class MySQLDatabase.ANSIvarcharBin
          a VARCHAR BINARY type, making sure we are case-sensitive in varchar fields (currently we assume case-sensitive collation is used by default, however, the method 'enforceCaseSensitivity' can replace the normal VARCHAR representation by this one, so if the database collation is not case-sensitive case-sensitive applications can use this sqltype on demand)
static class MySQLDatabase.Blob
          BLOB/TEXT type for MySQL
static class MySQLDatabase.MysqlVarchar
          VARCHAR type for MySQL
static class OracleDatabase.Bigint
static class OracleDatabase.Bool
static class OracleDatabase.Varchar
static class PostgresDatabase.Postgretext
static class PostgresDatabase.PostgreVarchar
static class SQLType.ANSIBigint
static class SQLType.ANSIblob
static class SQLType.ANSIboolean
static class SQLType.ANSIchar
static class SQLType.ANSIfloat
static class SQLType.ANSIinteger
static class SQLType.ANSIsmallint
static class SQLType.ANSItext
static class SQLType.ANSItimestamp
static class SQLType.ANSIvarchar

Fields in javatools.database with type parameters of type SQLType
 java.util.Map<java.lang.Class<?>,SQLType> Database.java2SQL
          The mapping from Java to SQL
 java.util.Map<java.lang.Integer,SQLType> Database.type2SQL
          The mapping from type codes (as defined in java.sql.Types) to SQL

Methods in javatools.database that return SQLType
 SQLType Database.getSQLType(java.lang.Class<?> c)
          Returns an SQLType for the given class
 SQLType Database.getSQLType(int t)
          Returns an SQLType for the given Type as defined in java.sql.Types
 SQLType Database.getSQLType(int t, int scale)
          Returns an SQLType for the given Type as defined in java.sql.Types with a scale