Class FilteredIterator<T>

  extended by javatools.datatypes.PeekIterator<T>
      extended by javatools.datatypes.FilteredIterator<T>
All Implemented Interfaces:, java.lang.Iterable<T>, java.util.Iterator<T>
Direct Known Subclasses:

public class FilteredIterator<T>
extends PeekIterator<T>

This class is part of the Java Tools (see It is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License (see by the YAGO-NAGA team (see The class wraps an iterator and returns only those elements that fulfill a condition

Nested Class Summary
static interface FilteredIterator.If<T>
static class FilteredIterator.IgnoreErrors<T>
          Wraps an iterator and skips elements that produce an exception
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class javatools.datatypes.PeekIterator
PeekIterator.ElementaryPeekIterator<T>, PeekIterator.SimplePeekIterator<T>
Field Summary
Fields inherited from class javatools.datatypes.PeekIterator
closed, initialized, next
Constructor Summary
FilteredIterator(java.util.Iterator<T> i, FilteredIterator.If<T> condition)
Method Summary
 T internalNext()
          Returns the next or NULL if no next element is available
 void remove()
          Removes the current element, if supported by the underlying iterator
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asList, asList, asSet, asSet, asSet, close, emptyIterator, hasNext, iterator, list, list, main, next, nextOrNull, numElements, numElements, peek, toString, toString, toString
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Constructor Detail


public FilteredIterator(java.util.Iterator<T> i,
                        FilteredIterator.If<T> condition)
Method Detail


public T internalNext()
Description copied from class: PeekIterator
Returns the next or NULL if no next element is available


public void remove()
Description copied from class: PeekIterator
Removes the current element, if supported by the underlying iterator

Specified by:
remove in interface java.util.Iterator<T>
remove in class PeekIterator<T>