Class PQRTree.Leaf

  extended by javatools.datatypes.PQRTree.Node
      extended by javatools.datatypes.PQRTree.Leaf
Enclosing class:

public class PQRTree.Leaf
extends PQRTree.Node

A node that has a value

Constructor Summary
PQRTree.Leaf(E e)
          Constructs a leaf, registers the leaf in leafMap
Method Summary
 E getValue()
 void toString(java.lang.StringBuilder s, int depth)
          Helper method for toString()
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Constructor Detail


public PQRTree.Leaf(E e)
Constructs a leaf, registers the leaf in leafMap

Method Detail


public void toString(java.lang.StringBuilder s,
                     int depth)
Description copied from class: PQRTree.Node
Helper method for toString()


public E getValue()