Class UndirectedGraph<E extends java.lang.Comparable<E>>

  extended by javatools.datatypes.DirectedGraph<E>
      extended by javatools.datatypes.UndirectedGraph<E>

public class UndirectedGraph<E extends java.lang.Comparable<E>>
extends DirectedGraph<E>

This class is part of the Java Tools (see It is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License (see by the YAGO-NAGA team (see This class implements an undirected graph.

Nested Class Summary
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class javatools.datatypes.DirectedGraph
DirectedGraph.Node<E extends java.lang.Comparable<E>>
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 DirectedGraph.Node<E> getOrMake(E label)
          Returns a node or creates it
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addLink, contains, create, get, labels, leaves, makeClosure, nodes, numNodes, roots, toString
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Constructor Detail


public UndirectedGraph()
Method Detail


public DirectedGraph.Node<E> getOrMake(E label)
Returns a node or creates it

getOrMake in class DirectedGraph<E extends java.lang.Comparable<E>>