Class Name.CompanyName

  extended by javatools.parsers.Name
      extended by javatools.parsers.Name.CompanyName
Enclosing class:

public static class Name.CompanyName
extends Name

Nested Class Summary
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class javatools.parsers.Name
Name.Abbreviation, Name.CompanyName, Name.PersonName
Field Summary
Fields inherited from class javatools.parsers.Name
A, ANYNAME, attributePrefix, attributePrefixPattern, B, BC, BD, companyNameSuffix, companyNameSuffixPattern, DG, directFamilyNamePrefix, familyName, familyNamePrefix, familyNamePrefixPattern, familyNameSuffix, familyNameSuffixPattern, givenName, givenNameComponent, givenNames, H, L, languageCodes, laxAbbreviationPattern, laxCompanyPattern, laxName, laxNamePattern, laxPersonNamePattern, nationality2country, nickName, of, or, personNameComponent, prep, roman, safeAbbreviationPattern, safeCompanyPattern, safeName, safeNamePattern, safeNamesPattern, safeNamesPatternNoPrep, safePersonName, safePersonNamePattern, stopWords, teamName, teamNamePattern, title, titlePattern, titles, titlesForGivenNames, U, usStates
Constructor Summary
Name.CompanyName(java.lang.String s)
Method Summary
 java.lang.String describe()
          Returns a description
 java.lang.String name()
          Returns the name.
 java.lang.String normalize()
          Returns the letters and digits of the original name (eliminates punctuation)
 java.lang.String suffix()
          Returns the suffix.
Methods inherited from class javatools.parsers.Name
c, couldBeAbbreviation, couldBeCompanyName, couldBeName, couldBePersonName, isAbbreviation, isAttributePrefix, isCompanyName, isCompanyNameSuffix, isFamilyNamePrefix, isLanguage, isLanguageCode, isName, isNames, isNation, isNationality, isPersonName, isPersonNameSuffix, isStopWord, isTitle, isUSState, isUSStateAbbreviation, languageForCode, main, mul, mulHyp, nationForNationality, of, opt, optMul, or, original, toString, unabbreviateUSState
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equals, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, wait, wait, wait

Constructor Detail


public Name.CompanyName(java.lang.String s)
Method Detail


public java.lang.String name()
Returns the name.


public java.lang.String suffix()
Returns the suffix.


public java.lang.String normalize()
Description copied from class: Name
Returns the letters and digits of the original name (eliminates punctuation)

normalize in class Name


public java.lang.String describe()
Returns a description

describe in class Name