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pfstmo package contains the implementation of state-of-the-art tone mapping operators. The motivation here is to provide an implementation of tone mapping operators suitable for convenient processing of both static images and animations.

The operators are embedded in a flexible framework [pfstools] which provides a unified input/output mechanism and a modular architecture for the filtering of the image data. Various file formats for static images and video are transparently supported and the High Dynamic Range data are processed modularly through a Unix piping mechanism.

Follow the links below to see the sample commands illustrating the usage of the software provided in this package.

Implemented Algorithms

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(*) implementation based on the original code of the authors


PFStmo package is available for download with the complete source code at SourceForge.

This software is implemented using the floating-point pipe streaming implemented in PFStools library. PFStools is a free library and can be downloaded from SourceForge along with PFStmo.

The most recent release is pfstmo 1.1 (date: 11/07/2007, changes)


This package is maintained by Grzegorz Krawczyk (krawczyk [at]

All comments and suggestions are very welcome.


This work was supported partly by the European Community within the scope of the RealReflect project IST-2001-34744 "Realtime visualization of complex reflectance behavior in virtual prototyping".