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Download the projects files.

Atrium :  model  in Autocad 14 native format. File size: 19701KB/gzip.

Atrium :  model in 3D Studio Max release 3 native format. File size: 5916KB/gzip.

Atrium :  model  in DXF format with Autocad 12 specifications. File size: 8578KB/gzip.

Complete BRDF project  in Integra backup binary format (no illumination maps). File size: 12971KB

Complete BRDF project in separated files. Please refer to the Integra data description.

All the textures:   Textures used for the project, saved in TARGA format 24 bit. File size: 7654K B/gzip.

Integra data format description. File size: 32KB/gzip

Goniometric diagrams in IESNA LM-63-1995 format. File size: 4KB/gzip


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