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Modeling of the Atrium

Great care was taken during the modeling process to obtain a high level of accuracy in measurement and details. We believe the atrium model is free of  some significant defects or lack of details. Measurements were taken from the atrium blueprints and on the actual architecture sometimes down to a millimeter accuracy.

The model was build with 3dStudioMax version 2 only using quad-polygons. We tried to keep the polygon number under a million to save memory. For a greater control of the polygon number we decided to avoid any automatic modeling procedures like lofting or boolean compound objects and use a polygon by polygon stitching method close to the spline modeling technique. Almost every hidden parts has been removed, pieces are beveled with a minimum number of edges for a 45 degree smoothing and even ceramic tiles were modeled to avoid using complex bump maps. More than 5000 parts are grouped as the function of texture and surface attributes. Lights are modeled independently to allow more flexibility in changing lighting conditions.

The latest version of the model can be downloaded in the 3DS and DXF formats, or a complete project of the Inspirer 5.60 system (Integra, Inc.)
The complete set of textures is available in the TARGA format.
Wireframe of the model at the creation time

Wireframe subdivided for indirect lighting calculations and rendering

The pictures below show the level of details recreated during the modeling process.


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