Proseminar WS 01/02

Intelligentes Suchen in Informationssystemen

Themen & Termine

jeweils Di., 16:15Uhr, Geb.36 Raum 306

Für jeden Teilnehmer, der eine E-Mail geschickt hat, konnte eines der drei Wunschthemen berücksichtigt werden.


1) Link Analysis

Referent: Khabouze Mostafa
Betreuer: Jens Graupmann

A. Borodin, G.O. Roberts, J.S. Rosenthal, P. Tsaparas:
Finding Authorities and Hubs from Link Structures on the World Wide Web
WWW Conference, 2001


2) Metasearch

Referent: Borys Shtanko
Betreuer: Jens Graupmann

C. Yu, W. Meng, W. Wu, K. Liu:
Efficient and Effective Metasearch for Text Databases Incorporating Linkages among Documents
ACM SIGMOD Conference, 2001


3) Focused Crawling 1

Referent: Ralf Forster
Betreuer: Gerhard Weikum

C.C. Aggarwal, F. Al-Garawi, P.S. Yu:
Intelligent Crawling on the World Wide Web with Arbitrary Predicates
WWW Conference, 2001

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4) Focused Crawling 2

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S. Chakrabarti:
Integrating the Document Object Modelwith Hyperlinks for Enhanced Topic Distillation and Information Extraction
WWW Conference, 2001


5) Deep Web 1

Referent: Natalie Schneider
Betreuer: Jens Graupmann

S. Raghavan, H. Garcia-Molina:
Crawling the Hidden Web
International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, 2001
mit Hintergrund-Referenz:
M. Bergman:
The Deep Web: Surfacing Hidden Value


6) Deep Web 2

Referent: Behrang Zeini
Betreuer: Jens Graupmann

N. Bruno, L. Gravano, A. Marian
Evaluating Top-k Queries over Web-Accessible Databases
International Conference on Data Engineering, 2002

G. Panagiotis, L. Gravano, M. Sahami:
Probe, Count and Classify: Categorizing Hidden-Web Databases
ACM Sigmod 2001

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7) Web Ontologies

Referent: Klaus Berberich
Betreuer: Jens Graupmann

Greg Karvounarakis, Vassilis Christophides, Dimitris Plexousakis & Sofia Alexaki
Querying Community Web Portals
(submitted for publication)

Alexander Maedche, Steffen Staab, Nenad Stojanovic, Rudi Studer, and York Sure:
SEmantic portAL - The SEAL approach
In: Creating the Semantic Web. D. Fensel, J. Hendler, H. Lieberman, W. Wahlster (eds.) MIT Press, Cambridge, MA., 2001 - to appear, Online:

mit Hintergrund-Referenz:
S. Decker, S. Melnik, F. Van, Harmelen, D. Fensel, M. Klein, J. Broekstra:
The Semantic Web: The Roles of XML and RDF
IEEE Internet Computing Vol.15 No.3, 2000 Online:

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8) Ontology-based Search

Referent: Verena Tuttlies
Betreuer: Jens Graupmann

L. Kerschberg, W. Kim, A. Scime:
A Semantic Taxonomy-Based Personalizable Meta-Search Agent
submitted for publication (WISE'01)

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9) XML Retrieval 1

Referent: Andreas Kaster
Betreuer: Gerhard Weikum

Y.Kanza, Y. Sagiv
Flexible Queries over Semistructured Data
PODS Conference, 2001

S. Abiteboul, L. Segoufin, V. Vianu:
Representing and Querying XML with Incomplete Information
PODS Conference, 2001


10) XML Retrieval 2

Referent: Julia Luxenburger
Betreuer: Gerhard Weikum

N. Fuhr, K. Großjohann:
XIRQL: A Query Language for Information Retrieval in XML Documents
ACM SIGIR Conference, 2001

T.T. Chinenyanga, N. Kushmerick:
An Expressive and Efficient Language for XML Information Retrieval
Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 2001



11) Automatic Data Extraction

Referent: Marcus Schmidt
Betreuer: Jens Graupmann

A. Sahuguet, F. Azavant:
Looking at the Web through XML Glasses
International Conference on Cooperative Information Systems, 1999

Jussi Myllymaki
Effective Web Data Extraction with Standard XML Technologies
WWW Conference, 2001


12) Automatic Segmentation

Referent: Andreas Broschart
Betreuer: Jens Graupmann

V. Borkar, K. Deshmukh, S. Sarawagi:
Automatic Segmentation of Text into Structured Records
ACM SIGMOD Conference, 2001


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13) (Multimedia) Similarity Search 2

Referent: Markus Uhl
Betreuer: Jens Graupmann

I. Bartolini, P. Ciaccia, F. Waas:
FeedbackBypass: A New Approach to Interactive Similarity Query Processing
International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, 2001

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14) OLAP 1

Referent: Bernadette Blum
Betreuer: Gerhard Weikum

M. Fang, N. Shivakumar, H. Garcia-Molina, R. Motwani, J. Ullman:
Computing Iceberg Queries Efficiently
International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, 1998

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15) OLAP 2

Referent: Anne Katrina Leyking
Betreuer: Gerhard Weikum

D. Margaritis, C. Faloutsos, S. Thrun:
NetCube: A Scalable Tool for Fast Data Mining and Compression
International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, 2001

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16) Correlation and Causal Rules
Referent: Hui Xiang
Betreuer: Jens Graupmann

S. Brin, R. Motwani, C. Silverstein:
Beyond Market Baskets: Generalizing Association Rules to Correlations
SIGMOD Conference, 1997