Saarland Music Data (SMD)
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SMD Western Music

Saarland Music Data provides audio recordings of various pieces from the Western classical music repertoire. All pieces were performed by students or staff members of the Hochschule für Musik Saar.


If you publish results obtained using these datasets, please cite

Meinard Müller, Verena Konz, Wolfgang Bogler, and Vlora Arifi-Müller
Saarland Music Data (SMD)
In Late-Breaking and Demo Session of the International Conference on Music Information Retrieval (ISMIR), 2011.
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Creative Commons License
Saarland Music Data (SMD) by Saarland Music Data (SMD) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Naming Convention

For the audio and MIDI files, we use the following naming convention:
For the variables, the following conventions are taken into account:

Example: Beethoven_Op057-02_013_20090221-SMD.mp3
MP3 recording of Beethoven's piano sonata Opus 57, second movement, played by pianist 013 recorded on Feb. 21, 2009.


No. Filename Instrumentation Audio
1 Bach_BWV848-01_100_20040203-SMD piano mp3
2 Bach_BWV848-02_100_20040203-SMD piano mp3
3 Bach_BWV853-01_100_20040203-SMD piano mp3
4 Bach_BWV1001-01_101_20080527-SMD violin mp3
5 Bach_BWV1001-02_101_20080527-SMD violin mp3
6 Bach_BWV1004-01_102_20080707-SMD violin mp3
7 Bach_BWV1004-02_102_20080707-SMD violin mp3
8 Bach_BWV1004-03_102_20080707-SMD violin mp3
9 Bach_BWV1004-04_102_20080707-SMD violin mp3
10 Bach_BWV1042-02_114_20100627-SMD violin, orchestra mp3
11 Bach_BWV1056-01_115_20101108-SMD piano mp3
12 Beethoven_Op007-03_116_20101108-SMD piano mp3
13 Beethoven_Op007-04_116_20101108-SMD piano mp3
14 Beethoven_Op010No3-01_108_20070515-SMD piano mp3
15 Beethoven_Op010No3-02_108_20070515-SMD piano mp3
16 Beethoven_Op011-01_117_20091211-SMD violin, cello, piano mp3
17 Beethoven_Op026-01_104_20070206-SMD piano mp3
18 Beethoven_Op026-02_104_20070206-SMD piano mp3
19 Beethoven_Op026-03_104_20070206-SMD piano mp3
20 Beethoven_Op026-04_104_20070206-SMD piano mp3
21 Beethoven_Op030No2-01_109_20061215-SMD duett piano violine mp3
22 Beethoven_Op030No2-02_109_20061215-SMD duett piano violine mp3
23 Beethoven_Op030No2-03_109_20061215-SMD duett piano violine mp3
24 Beethoven_Op030No2-04_109_20061215-SMD duett piano violine mp3
25 Beethoven_Op109-01_103_20040204-SMD piano mp3
26 Beethoven_Op109-02_103_20040204-SMD piano mp3
27 Bellini_ICapuletiEIMontecchi-EccomiOhQuanteVolte_114_20100627-SMD voice, orchestra mp3
28 Berg_SiebenFrueheLieder-01_118_20100711-SMD voice, piano mp3
29 Berg_SiebenFrueheLieder-02_118_20100711-SMD voice, piano mp3
30 Berg_SiebenFrueheLieder-03_118_20100711-SMD voice, piano mp3
31 Berg_SiebenFrueheLieder-04_119_20100711-SMD voice, piano mp3
32 Berg_SiebenFrueheLieder-05_119_20100711-SMD voice, piano mp3
33 Berg_SiebenFrueheLieder-06_119_20100711-SMD voice, piano mp3
34 Berg_SiebenFrueheLieder-07_119_20100711-SMD voice, piano mp3
35 Brahms_Op034b-03_120_20101031-SMD 2 pianos mp3
36 Brahms_Op034b-03_120_20101108-SMD 2 pianos mp3
37 Brahms_Op100-01_105_20090428-SMD duett piano violine mp3
38 Brahms_Op100-02_105_20090428-SMD duett piano violine mp3
39 Brahms_Op100-03_105_20090428-SMD duett piano violine mp3
40 Brahms_Op108-01_101_20080527-SMD duett piano violine mp3
41 Brahms_Op108-02_101_20080527-SMD duett piano violine mp3
42 Brahms_Op108-02_121_20100205-SMD duett piano violine mp3
43 Brahms_Op108-03_121_20100205-SMD duett piano violine mp3
44 Brahms_Op108-04_121_20100205-SMD duett piano violine mp3
45 Brahms_Op108-01_110_20090505-SMD duett piano violine mp3
46 Brahms_Op108-02_110_20090505-SMD duett piano violine mp3
47 Brahms_Op108-03_110_20090505-SMD duett piano violine mp3
48 Brahms_Op108-04_110_20090505-SMD duett piano violine mp3
49 Brahms_Op120No2-01_122_20091211-SMD duett viola piano mp3
50 Brahms_Op120No2-02_122_20091211-SMD duett viola piano mp3
51 Brahms_Op120No2-03_122_20091211-SMD duett viola piano mp3
52 Chopin_Op023_103_20040204-SMD piano mp3
53 Chopin_Op027No1_123_20101108-SMD piano mp3
54 Chopin_Op027No2_123_20101108-SMD piano mp3
55 Chopin_Op031_103_20040204-SMD piano mp3
56 Chopin_Op060_103_20040204-SMD piano mp3
57 Chopin_Op060_100_20040203-SMD piano mp3
58 Chopin_Op029_104_20070206-SMD piano mp3
59 Chopin_Op036_104_20070206-SMD piano mp3
60 Chopin_Op051_104_20070206-SMD piano mp3
61 Chopin_Op066_104_20070206-SMD piano mp3
62 Debussy_L066-01_125_20100609-SMD percussion (vibraphone, marimba) mp3
63 Debussy_L113-03_114_20100518-SMD orchestra mp3
64 Debussy_L117-06_114_20100518-SMD orchestra mp3
65 Debussy_L117-08_114_20100518-SMD orchestra mp3
66 Debussy_L117-12_114_20100518-SMD orchestra mp3
67 Debussy_L134-02_120_20101031-SMD 2 pianos mp3
68 Debussy_L140-01_111_20100612-SMD duett piano violine mp3
69 Debussy_L140-02_111_20100612-SMD duett piano violine mp3
70 Debussy_L140-03_111_20100612-SMD duett piano violine mp3
71 Debussy_L140-01_111_20080519-SMD duett piano violine mp3
72 Debussy_L140-02_111_20080519-SMD duett piano violine mp3
73 Debussy_L140-03_111_20080519-SMD duett piano violine mp3
74 Debussy_L140-01_112_20070116-SMD duett piano violine mp3
75 Debussy_L140-02_112_20070116-SMD duett piano violine mp3
76 Debussy_L140-03_112_20070116-SMD duett piano violine mp3
77 Debussy_L140-01_107_20070109-SMD duett piano violine mp3
78 Debussy_L140-02_107_20070109-SMD duett piano violine mp3
79 Debussy_L140-03_107_20070109-SMD duett piano violine mp3
80 Donizetti_LElisireDAmore-UnaFurtivaLagrima_114_20100627-SMD voice, orchestra mp3
81 Faure_Op015-01_126_20100612-SMD piano, violin, viola, cello mp3
82 Faure_Op015-02_126_20100612-SMD piano, violin, viola, cello mp3
83 Faure_Op015-03_126_20100612-SMD piano, violin, viola, cello mp3
84 Faure_Op015-04_126_20100612-SMD piano, violin, viola, cello mp3
85 Ibert_TroisPiecesBreves-01_127_20100609-SMD flute, oboe, clarinet, basson, horn mp3
86 Ibert_TroisPiecesBreves-02_127_20100609-SMD flute, oboe, clarinet, basson, horn mp3
87 Ibert_TroisPiecesBreves-03_127_20100609-SMD flute, oboe, clarinet, basson, horn mp3
88 Janacek_FromTheStreet-01_115_20101108-SMD piano mp3
89 Janacek_FromTheStreet-02_115_20101108-SMD piano mp3
90 Martin_Trio-01_128_20091211-SMD piano, violin, cello mp3
91 Martin_Trio-02_128_20091211-SMD piano, violin, cello mp3
92 Martin_Trio-02_128_20101108-SMD piano, violin, cello mp3
93 Martin_Trio-03_128_20101108-SMD piano, violin, cello mp3
94 Mozart_KV280-01_100_20040203-SMD piano mp3
95 Mozart_KV280-02_100_20040203-SMD piano mp3
96 Mozart_KV280-03_100_20040203-SMD piano mp3
97 Mozart_KV306-01_102_20080707-SMD duett piano violine mp3
98 Mozart_KV306-02_102_20080707-SMD duett piano violine mp3
99 Mozart_KV306-03_102_20080707-SMD duett piano violine mp3
100 Mozart_KV333-01_134_20081125-SMD piano mp3
101 Mozart_KV333-02_134_20081125-SMD piano mp3
102 Mozart_KV373_101_20080527-SMD violin, orchestra mp3
103 Mozart_KV376-01_105_20090428-SMD duett piano violine mp3
104 Mozart_KV376-02_105_20090428-SMD duett piano violine mp3
105 Mozart_KV376-03_105_20090428-SMD duett piano violine mp3
106 Mozart_KV379-01_106_20070116-SMD duett piano violine mp3
107 Mozart_KV379-02_106_20070116-SMD duett piano violine mp3
108 Mozart_KV379-03_106_20070116-SMD duett piano violine mp3
109 Mozart_KV384-DurchZaertlichkeitUndSchmeicheln_114_20100627-SMD voice, orchestra mp3
110 Mozart_KV418_114_20100627-SMD voice, orchestra mp3
111 Mozart_KV448-01_120_20101031-SMD 2 pianos mp3
112 Mozart_KV448-02_120_20101031-SMD 2 pianos mp3
113 Mozart_KV448-03_120_20101031-SMD 2 pianos mp3
114 Mozart_KV448-01_120_20101108-SMD 2 pianos mp3
115 Mozart_KV448-02_120_20101108-SMD 2 pianos mp3
116 Mozart_KV448-03_120_20101108-SMD 2 pianos mp3
117 Mozart_KV453-01_114_20100627-SMD piano, orchestra mp3
118 Mozart_KV454-01_107_20070109-SMD duett piano violine mp3
119 Mozart_KV454-02_107_20070109-SMD duett piano violine mp3
120 Mozart_KV454-03_107_20070109-SMD duett piano violine mp3
121 Mozart_KV492-NonPiuAndrai_114_20100627-SMD voice, orchestra mp3
122 Mozart_KV493-01_126_20100205-SMD piano, violin, viola, cello mp3
123 Mozart_KV493-02_126_20100205-SMD piano, violin, viola, cello mp3
124 Mozart_KV519_129_20100711-SMD voice, piano mp3
125 Mozart_KV523_129_20100711-SMD voice, piano mp3
126 Mozart_KV524_129_20100711-SMD voice, piano mp3
127 Mozart_KV621-Overture_114_20100627-SMD orchestra mp3
128 Piazolla_FourSeasonsOfBuenosAires-02_117_20091211-SMD violin, cello, piano mp3
129 Piazolla_FourSeasonsOfBuenosAires-04_117_20091211-SMD violin, cello, piano mp3
130 Poulenc_Op100-01_130_20100612-SMD piano, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn mp3
131 Poulenc_Op100-02_130_20100612-SMD piano, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn mp3
132 Poulenc_Op100-03_130_20100612-SMD piano, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn mp3
133 Poulenc_Valse_114_20100518-SMD orchestra mp3
134 Rachmaninoff_Op005-01_120_20101031-SMD 2 pianos mp3
135 Rachmaninoff_Op005-04_120_20101031-SMD 2 pianos mp3
136 Rachmaninoff_Op005-01_120_20101108-SMD 2 pianos mp3
137 Rachmaninoff_Op005-04_120_20101108-SMD 2 pianos mp3
138 Ravel_PianoTrio-01_109_20100609-SMD piano, violin, cello mp3
139 Ravel_PianoTrio-02_109_20100609-SMD piano, violin, cello mp3
140 Ravel_PianoTrio-03_109_20100609-SMD piano, violin, cello mp3
141 Ravel_PianoTrio-04_109_20100609-SMD piano, violin, cello mp3
142 Ravel_PianoTrio-01_109_20100205-SMD piano, violin, cello mp3
143 Ravel_PianoTrio-02_109_20100205-SMD piano, violin, cello mp3
144 Ravel_PianoTrio-03_109_20100205-SMD piano, violin, cello mp3
145 Ravel_PianoTrio-04_109_20100205-SMD piano, violin, cello mp3
146 Respighi_P044-01_111_20091211-SMD duett violin piano mp3
147 Respighi_P044-06_111_20091211-SMD duett violin piano mp3
148 Respighi_P110-01_111_20091211-SMD duett violin piano mp3
149 Respighi_P110-02_111_20091211-SMD duett violin piano mp3
150 Respighi_P110-03_111_20091211-SMD duett violin piano mp3
151 Schubert_D911-01_131_20100711-SMD voice, piano mp3
152 Schubert_D911-02_131_20100711-SMD voice, piano mp3
153 Schubert_D911-03_131_20100711-SMD voice, piano mp3
154 Schubert_D911-07_131_20100711-SMD voice, piano mp3
155 Schubert_D911-15_131_20100711-SMD voice, piano mp3
156 Schumann_Op015-01_113_20080115-SMD piano mp3
157 Schumann_Op015-02_113_20080115-SMD piano mp3
158 Schumann_Op015-03_113_20080115-SMD piano mp3
159 Schumann_Op015-04_113_20080115-SMD piano mp3
160 Schumann_Op015-05_113_20080115-SMD piano mp3
161 Schumann_Op015-06_113_20080115-SMD piano mp3
162 Schumann_Op015-07_113_20080115-SMD piano mp3
163 Schumann_Op015-08_113_20080115-SMD piano mp3
164 Schumann_Op015-09_113_20080115-SMD piano mp3
165 Schumann_Op015-10_113_20080115-SMD piano mp3
166 Schumann_Op015-11_113_20080115-SMD piano mp3
167 Schumann_Op015-12_113_20080115-SMD piano mp3
168 Schumann_Op015-13_113_20080115-SMD piano mp3
169 Schumann_Op048-01_132_20100612-SMD voice, piano mp3
170 Schumann_Op048-02_132_20100612-SMD voice, piano mp3
171 Schumann_Op048-03_132_20100612-SMD voice, piano mp3
172 Schumann_Op048-04_132_20100612-SMD voice, piano mp3
173 Schumann_Op048-05_132_20100612-SMD voice, piano mp3
174 Schumann_Op048-06_132_20100612-SMD voice, piano mp3
175 Schumann_Op048-07_132_20100612-SMD voice, piano mp3
176 Schumann_Op048-08_132_20100612-SMD voice, piano mp3
177 Schumann_Op048-09_132_20100612-SMD voice, piano mp3
178 Schumann_Op048-10_132_20100612-SMD voice, piano mp3
179 Schumann_Op048-11_132_20100612-SMD voice, piano mp3
180 Schumann_Op048-12_132_20100612-SMD voice, piano mp3
181 Schumann_Op048-13_132_20100612-SMD voice, piano mp3
182 Schumann_Op048-14_132_20100612-SMD voice, piano mp3
183 Schumann_Op048-15_132_20100612-SMD voice, piano mp3
184 Schumann_Op048-16_132_20100612-SMD voice, piano mp3
185 Schumann_Op073-01_121_20100612-SMD duett clarinet piano mp3
186 Schumann_Op073-02_121_20100612-SMD duett clarinet piano mp3
187 Schumann_Op073-03_121_20100612-SMD duett clarinet piano mp3
188 Schumann_Op102-01_128_20100609-SMD duett piano cello mp3
189 Schumann_Op102-02_128_20100609-SMD duett piano cello mp3
190 Schumann_Op102-03_128_20100609-SMD duett piano cello mp3
191 Schumann_Op102-04_128_20100609-SMD duett piano cello mp3
192 Schumann_Op102-05_128_20100609-SMD duett piano cello mp3
193 Schumann_Op105-01_103_20100609-SMD duett piano violin mp3
194 Schumann_Op105-02_103_20100609-SMD duett piano violin mp3
195 Schumann_Op105-03_103_20100609-SMD duett piano violin mp3
196 Schumann_Op132-01_133_20100609-SMD clarinet, viola, piano mp3
197 Schumann_Op132-02_133_20100609-SMD clarinet, viola, piano mp3
198 Schumann_Op132-03_133_20100609-SMD clarinet, viola, piano mp3
199 Schumann_Op132-04_133_20100609-SMD clarinet, viola, piano mp3
200 Tchaikovsky_Op062_114_20100627-SMD cello, orchestra mp3

Download Instructions

When clicking on a link to a file, your browser either will ask you to download and/or open it with your favourite audio player, or the file will be played directly in the browser (depending on your system configuration). To save the file, just right-click on the link and then click 'Save Target As' (Firefox) or 'Save Link As' (Internet Explorer). In case you want to download all files, you can use a download manager, e.g. the DownThemAll Firefox extension . On a unix-like system, you can use the tool wget to download all music files on this web page by using the following two commands:
wget REPLACE_THIS_STRING_BY_URL_OF_THIS_WEBSITE -e robots=off -r -l1 -nd --no-parent -A.{mp3,mid}

Annotations and Additional Material

Key Annotations

Download: Key Annotations (CSV file)

The following key annotations have been supplied by Christof Weiss, see reference below. The CSV file contains the global key, the mode, as well as the properties of the final chord (root and mode). For fifthless final chords the term "third" is used and for a single note ending the term "unison" is used. These annotations are supplied only for 126 recordings of the SMD Western Music Dataset (only pieces with a clear global tonality were considered). In particular, works by Bellini, Berg, Debussy, Donizetti, Martin, Poulenc and Ravel as well as the first and second movement of Faure's op. 15 are not annotated. Furthermore, being work cycles that do not have a consistent global key, Op. 15 and Op. 48 by Schumann are not annotated.

Reference: Christof Weiss, Global Key Extraction from Classical Music Audio Recordings Based on the Final Chord,
in Proceedings of the Sound and Music Computing Conference (SMC) 2013, Stockholm, Sweden