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TADA SS 2014

Topics in Algorithmic Data Analysis (5 credits)


Dr. Pauli Miettinen and Dr. Jilles Vreeken



Thursdays, 14–16 o'clock in Room 014, Building E1 3.



Month Day Lecture topic Slides Assignments
April 17 Intro PDF
24 Practicalities & where DM is used PDF 1st assignment given out
May 1 No lecture (First of May)
8 Intro to tensors PDF 1st assignment DL, 2nd assignment given out
15 Tensors in data analysis PDF
22 Special topics in tensors PDF
29 No lecture (Ascension day)
June 5 MDL for pattern mining PDF 2nd assignment DL, 3rd assignment given out
12 Information and Correlation PDF
19 No lecture (Corpus Christi)
26 Iterative Data Mining PDF
July 3 Culprits and Islands in Graphs PDF 3rd assignment DL, 4th assignment given out
10 Redescription Mining PDF
17 Mining Data that Changes PDF
24 Wrap-up with Ask-Us-Anything PDF
31 <no class, just deadline> 4th assignment DL
September 11 Final exam (oral, E1.3 016)
October 1 Re-exam (oral, E1.3 001)



Students should know the basic ideas of data mining and machine learning, e.g., by successfully taking Information Retrieval and Data Mining or Machine Learning core lectures.

Course format

The course has two hours of lectures per week. There are no weekly tutorial group meetings. Instead, the students have to write essays based on the material covered on the lectures and scientific articles assigned to them by the lecturers.

Grading and Exam

The four assignments are graded in scale of Fail, Passed, and Excellent. You can fail at most one assignment; two failures mean you fail the course. Any assignment not handed in by the deadline is automatically considered failed.

You can earn at most three bonus points by obtaining excellent grades from the assignments. Each excellent grade gives you one bonus point until you have earned the maximum of three bonus points. Each bonus point improves your final grade by 1/3 assuming you pass the final exam. For example, if you have two bonus points and you receive 2.0 from the final exam, your final grade will be 1.3. You fail the course if you fail the final exam, irrespective of your possible bonus points. Failed assignments do not reduce your final grade, provided you are eligible to sit the final exam.

The final exam will be oral and held in E1 3 room 016 on the 11th of September, the exact times per student will be announced later. The re-exam is scheduled for October 1 in E1 3 room 001. The final exam and re-exam will cover all the material discussed in the lectures and from each assignment one topic of the student's choice.

Suggested reading

The PDFs require username and password, that are the same as for the assignments.