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Month Day Lecture topic Essay Slides
October 16 Intro Warm-up essay PDF

23 T I: Introduction to Frequent Pattern Set Mining

30 T I: Tiling Databases Warm-up essay DL PDF
November 6 T I: KRIMP Topic I essay, warm-up essay feedback PDF

13 T II: Introduction to Graph Mining

20 T II: Frequent Subgraph Mining Topic I essay DL PDF
27 No lecture
December 4 T II: Connecting the dots Topic II essay, topic I essay feedback PDF

11 No lecture

18 T III: Introduction to Significance Testing Topic II essay DL PDF

25 No lecture, Christmas break
January 1 No lecture, Christmas break

8 T III: Swap Randomization Topic II essay feedback PDF

15 T III: Maximum Entropy Models Topic III essay PDF

22 T IV: Introduction to Tensors PDF

29 T IV: Binary Tensors Topic IV essay, topic III essay DL PDF
February 5 T IV: Tensor Applications and Wrap-Up Topic III essay feedback PDF

12 No lecture Topic IV essay DL

19 Final exam
March 19 Re-exam