Motion Capture Database HDM05

Mocap Database HDM05

It is the objective of our motion capture database HDM05 to supply free motion capture data for research purposes. HDM05 contains more than three hours of systematically recorded and well-documented motion capture data in the C3D as well as in the ASF/AMC data format. Furthermore, HDM05 contains for more than 70 motion classes in 10 to 50 realizations executed by various actors. The HDM05 database has been designed and set up under the direction of Meinard Müller Tido Röder, Michael Clausen, Bernhard Eberhardt, Björn Krüger, and Andreas Weber. The motion capturing has been conducted in the year 2005 at the Hochschule der Medien (HDM), Stuttgart, Germany, supervised by Bernhard Eberhardt. For a detailed documentation of the HDM05 database we refer to the following technical report:

M. Müller, T. Röder, M. Clausen, B. Eberhardt, B. Krüger, A. Weber:
Documentation Mocap Database HDM05.
Technical report, No. CG-2007-2, ISSN 1610-8892, Universität Bonn, June 2007.

If you publish results obtained using this data, please cite our Technical Report and add this text to your acknowledgments section: The data used in this project was obtained from HDM05. We would also appreciate it if you would send the citation to your published paper to HDM05 (at)


Creative Commons License
Motion Capture Database HDM05 by Motion Capture Database HDM05 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Downloads: Matlab Parser for C3D and ASF/AMC

We provide a parser that can be used to import the HDM05 C3D and ASF/AMC files into Matlab. Additionally, a tool for creating a 3D animation of the imported motions is included in the package. A basic example for the usage of the files is given in the script usage.m.

Downloads: Full Takes

The motion sequences were performed by five non-professional actors. The ASF files for each actor can be obtained from the following table.

Actor ASF file
bd HDM_bd.asf
bk HDM_bk.asf
dg HDM_dg.asf
mm HDM_mm.asf
tr HDM_tr.asf

Most of the motion sequences have been performed several times by all five actors according to the guidelines fixed in a script. The script consists of five parts, where each part is subdivided into several scenes. Each full take corresponds to one of the scenes. All motion sequences begin and end with a short T-pose. The following table provides links to detailed descriptions of all scenes as well as to the motion capture data in the C3D as well as in the AMC data format. For each scene, downloads are provided for each take separately or for all takes within a single compressed file.

Part-Scene Description
1 Walking, Running, Jumping
1-1 Walking
1-2 Locomation on the spot
1-3 Locomotion
1-4 Locomotion with weights
2 Grabbing and Depositing
2-1 Table and floor
2-2 Shelf (while walking)
2-3 Shelf (while standing)
3 Sports
3-1 Dancing
3-2 Kicking and punching
3-3 Throwing
3-4 Rotating arms
3-5 Workout
3-8 Workout I
3-9 Workout II
3-10 Rope skipping
3-11 Badminton
4 Sitting and Lying Down
4-1 Chair, table, floor
5 Miscellaneous Motions
5-1 Clapping and waving
5-2 Shouting and tying shoes
5-3 Variations of locomotion
Unselected takes

For comments and suggestions for improvement please contact HDM05 (at)

Downloads: Cuts

In addition to the full takes, we also provide a set of short mocap clips that have been cut out of the takes. These clips have been arranged into a set of roughly 100 motion classes. See this page for download information.

Downloads: Videos

For some of the takes, we took additional video recordings for documentation purposes.

Motion Capture Annotation Project

Parts of the HDM05 data have been used in a motion capture annotation project. For details please visit the project homepage.

Meinard Müller, Andreas Baak, Hans-Peter Seidel
Efficient and Robust Annotation of Motion Capture Data
ACM SIGGRAPH/Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation, 2009
[pdf], [bib], [video], [project]


International Audio Laboratories Erlangen (Prof. Dr. Meinard Müller)
Multimedia, Simulation and Virtual Reality Group (Prof. Dr. Andreas Weber)
HDM Stuttgart (Prof. Dr. Bernhard Eberhardt)
Efficient and Robust Annotation of Motion Capture Data