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Beyond Classical Circuit Design, Summer 2015

Matthias Függer and Attila Kinali

Time: Lecture: Tuesday, 14:15 to 16:00 (Building E1.4, room 023)
Tutorial: Monday, 16:15 to 18:00 (Building E1.5, room 630)
First meeting: First Tuesday of the Summer 2015 term, i.e., 21st April.
Room: 023 on the ground floor of the MPI building (E1.4)
Mailinglist: Please subscribe to the lecture mailinglist here
Prerequisites: The course requires no prerequisites besides basic math.

Purpose of the course is to give an overview on techniques in circuit design that can be used when the classical circuit design approach fails: be it due to speed or power limitations, or its use in mission critical designs. We will do this by covering asynchronous/clockless and fault-tolerant circuits.

The course will start with a short summary of classical chip design to set the base for the remaining lectures.


There will be weekly homeworks for which you can credit points (50% in total) and a final test (remaining 50% of the points).

The final mark is determined from your points by:

<60%: 5
<70%: 4
<80%: 3
<90%: 2
>90%: 1
News for students:
Date Topic References
Apr 21 Introduction Slides, Exercise 1
Apr 28 Circuit Models I Slides, Slides with notes (updated 2015-06-30), Exercise 2
May 5 Circuit Models II Slides, Slides with notes (updated 2015-05-21), Exercise 3
May 12 Circuit Models III. Different room: E1.7 room 001 Slides, Slides with notes (updated 2015-06-30), Exercise 4
May 19 No lecture
May 26 Synthesis I Slides, Slides with notes (updated 2015-05-26),
June 2 Synthesis II & Gate Internals Slides, Slides with notes (updated 2015-06-02), Exercise 5
June 9 Gate Internals II Slides, Slides with notes (updated 2015-06-16)
June 16 CMOS Synthesis Slides, Slides with notes (updated 2015-06-16), Exercise 6
June 23 Alternative Design Styles Slides, Slides with notes (updated 2015-06-30), Exercise 7
June 30 Clocked Design and Pipelining Slides, Slides with notes (updated 2015-06-30), Exercise 8
July 7 No lecture
July 14 Dynamic Timing Analysis Slides (updated 2015-06-30),
July 21 Metastability Slides, Slides with notes (updated 2015-07-21),

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